Our offer is for both business customers and individuals - all who want a smooth, comfortable and above all, safe transportation.

Transport to / from airport

You and Your friends, business partners willing to drive you and bring to any European airport

Support for weddings

We transport both the bride and groom and wedding guests

Services for business

We serve all kinds of business meetings, conferences, training, etc..

Tourist transport

Bus-transport company works with both travel agencies and individual clients to ensure a comfortable and safe holiday

Local transportation in the TriCity

If necessary, we provide the means of transportation in Tri-City. At your disposal are all of our vehicles from the passenger coaches

The carriage of seamen

Domestic and international transport, sailors and groups of substitutions, repair crews. Carriage of representatives of shipowners and shipping companies. Transportation of people and shipments to All European ports

„To travel is to live”

Hans Christian Andersen

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